What is the legal limit for tinting car windows in the UK?

According to UK law, the rules on car window tinting apply to front windscreens and front side windows. Thus, there are no rules for tinting rear windscreens and rear passenger windows.

– For vehicles first used on 1 April 1985, and thereafter, the front windscreen must allow 75% of light through. Front side windows on these vehicles must allow 70% of light through.

– On the other hand, vehicles that were first used prior to 1 April 1985 must allow a minimum of 70% of light through. In this case, this applies to both the front windscreen and front side windows.

With the use of light measuring technology, the police and DVSA are able to verify conformity with the law on the roadside.

Penalties are quite stark for offending vehicles. This means that if your car window tints fail, you could be issued a prohibition notice, penalty notice or court summons.

What are the benefits of car window tinting?

Having your car windows tinted entails a broad range of long-term benefits. These benefits coalesce into enhanced vehicle protection and a safer driving experience.

Window tints protect your interiors from fading, by blocking 99.99% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays. The blocking of UVA and UVB rays also has a health impact because they are responsible for accelerating skin ageing and cancer.

Furthermore, by blocking the sun’s rays, window tints can mitigate solar heat by up to 65%. Thus, they can also help save you money, by spending less fuel on air conditioning.

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Where can I get my car windows tinted near me?

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