What is paint protection film (PPF)?

Originally developed by the US military during the Vietnam War, paint protection film has become integral to professional car detailing. Also known as PPF, clear film and clear paint film, it is designed to offer lasting protection to paintwork.

Furthermore, with the development of the technology behind it, some types of PPF also offer self-healing and hydrophobic properties. Essentially, the thermoplastic urethane coating of PPF forms a thin layer atop your car’s clear coat, offering the paint layer beneath it twice the protection.

If you want to ensure lasting protection of your newly purchased vehicle’s paintwork, paint protection film is for you. Finally, other paintwork protection methods, such as sealants and waxes, mostly provide cover against UV rays and chemical contaminants naturally present in the environment.

Conversely, PPF is designed for physically damaging foreign matter, such as light debris and scratching. Ultimately, this lasting protection for your paintwork will pay dividends when you consider selling your vehicle.

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Where can I get my car PPF near me?

ACG Motors offer a paint protection film (PPF) service across Manchester and surrounding areas of the North West of England. As part of our drive towards ensuring lasting customer satisfaction with our service, we believe strongly in exceeding customers’ expectations.

Towards this end, we want your car to remain looking as good as the day you bought it. Paint protection film (PPF) helps protect your car’s exterior like nothing else on the market. When applied by our expert car detailing professionals, the PPF coating will protect your paintwork long into the future.

While it may not be bulletproof, the added layer will bear the brunt of most light road debris and most commonly occurring light scratching. So, if you’re buying a new vehicle in or around Manchester, ACG Motors’ paint protection film service is for you!